In recent years there have been many action-thriller movies that were not that appealing or as exciting as wanted them to be. But this winter, perhaps one movie in that genre can get our hearts racing once again.
Valkyrie premiered on December 25th with many mixed reviews as well as a controversial story. Tom Cruise stars as Claus Von Stauffenberg, colonel for the Nazi army. Originally standing on Hitler’s side, Stauffenberg and others start seeing the truth and understand that the war is not worth fighting for and not what they envisioned for Germany.

A plot to kill Hitler is in process with Stauffenberg being the last hope to end the war and keeping Germany from being destroyed totally. With precise planning, Stauffenberg is set to fly to a meeting with Hitler and other German officers. He is to set a time bomb and get out without raising any suspicion so that he and his comrades can take end the war, end the killing, and bring order in the German government. In the end, all hope is lost thus bringing and inevitable end to the masterminds behind the plan.

The plot which took place on July 20, 1944, is an interesting story in history because we rarely hear of anyone other than the allies that tried to take down Hitler, especially by his own comrades.

Despite the many rumors and controversy of making this film, movie goers and critics alike should see past that and see the movie for what it really is and what it’s intentions are. For what ever reasons people are saying negative things about the film, they should instead praise Bryan Singer, the director, as well as the cast for showing a different side of Germans which does ultimately show that not all of them were like Hitler.

Other cast includes Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Wilkinson, and Terence Stamp. The film is rated PG-13 for violence and language, it’s good for children 8 and up, and the movie’s run time is 2 hours.

This movie is a standout film with a great cast that keeps viewers tense and wanting to find out what happens. It also makes an important point and opens our eyes to give us a different perspective that not all Germans were monsters. Valkyrie is based on true events and gets two thumbs up from me so I definitely recommend it. Enjoy!!!