Ronald Miller has spent his life mowing lawns and playing poker with his nerd friends. He’s been made fun of by all the popular kids, and he’s just tired of it. And he’s had a crush on his neighbor, Cindy Mancini, for years. He mows her lawn, but she doesn’t even know he exists. That will all change one day when Cindy finds herself in desperate need of cash to replace a dress and Ronald just happens to be near the store with cash. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse: he will pay to replace the dress she ruined, but she has to agree to be his date. She doesn’t know what to do, so she accepts the deal.

Can’t Buy Me Love then follows with the story of Ronald and how his life gets turned upside down. After finding out that he can be made popular just by being seen with Cindy, he moves on to bigger and more popular outings. He ends up joining with the popular people and making fun of his old, lifelong friends. Cindy finds that once she gets to know Ronald, she actually likes him-until he starts acting like he’s popular and hanging around with her popular crowd. Eventually, both Ronald and Cindy learn valuable lessons.

Can’t Buy Me Love is a truly classic 80s movie that can be watched again and again. It’s lighthearted and very entertaining. The acting is well-done throughout the movie and the storyline is clear and solid. The chemistry between Patrick Dempsey (Ronald) and Amanda Peterson (Cindy) is excellent throughout the movie. While filled with 80s movie clich├ęs, Can’t Buy Me Love is one of the best of the teen movies to come out of the 80s.