Beverly Hills Ninja is a comedy film released back in 1997 and was written by Mark Feldberg and Mitchell Klebanoff and directed by Dennis Dugan. The movie features the late Chris Farley, Nicollette Sheridan, Chris Rock, Robin Shou, and Nathaniel Parker.

The story revolves around Haru (Chris Farley) who was found and raised by a Ninja Clan and who was believed to be the legendary Great White Ninja. Although he has been trained in martial arts and ninja skills and tactics, Haru seemed to be less than skilled to master the teachings and blundered a lot of times. Even though that is the case, his spirit is always into proving that he is the Great White Ninja. She then met Allison (Nicollette Sheridan) who, by coincidence, hired him for a very big case. Haru’s wits and skills are put to the test and he vows to prove that he can solve this case and save the day. Then, ultimately prove that he is the Great White Ninja.

The story was really good but a bit predictable and somewhat already tried and tested. It was good though and there were some twists, especially the comedy parts that made it unique. The story was set, of course, in Beverly Hills which throughout the story, Haru isn’t familiar with. The simplicity of that concept blended with the story really well. The comedy is really good but I’ve got to admit that there may be certain parts that are meant to be funny but some may not find it so. But I guess that didn’t hurt the movie that much.

After I’ve seen the movie, it came to me that Chris Farley was really good for this part. Amidst his size, he is able to perform moves and really did well in acting the part of a ninja. He is also famous for being flexible. All throughout the movie, he was just so funny. The rest of the cast did well and I really have to note that Nicollette was stunning in the movie. Robin Shou displayed his martial arts expertise as well and Chris Rock supported the comedy aspect of the movie. Nathaniel Parker also portrayed the villain effectively. He was able to show the attitude needed for the part.

It’s a pretty old movie but if you haven’t watched it yet, it probably won’t disappoint in making you laugh. I’ve watched it a couple of times since I was in College and I really enjoyed it. It’s a good movie for the family and for the kids but of course, there may be a few scenes where kids may need guidance. In any case, Beverly Hills Ninja is a wonderful movie and definitely one of Chris Farley’s best. I’m pretty sure you can still catch it for rent or even for sale in your favorite video stores.